[V8Vairs] Last Call ! Advertisement

David C. Herrin III source at adnc.com
Mon Jan 29 14:26:17 EST 2007

Last Call ! Last Three (3) Days !!!


Ultra Series "Deep Dimple" Corvair Lifters 

Sale @ $ 79.95 set (12) $ 89.95 reg. Product Bulletin Available.



Capacitive Discharge Ignition 

a.k.a. Ultra Series EOEIA -  "Extreme Output Electronic Ignition Amplifier"

2007 $ 129.95 reg. $ 99.95 Sale  Product Bulletin Available.


Beta Release: 

Ultra Series "Black & Gold Kevlar" Brake Shoes - High Performance

reg. $ 129.95 Sale $ 99.95 per Axle Set - No Core Exchange 

Especially need 1960-4 Pass., 1961-5 FC, and Ultra Coach Application's field

Note only a very few 1965-9 Pass. still available = Inquire.  

Technical competency is required.


FC Clutch and Accelerator Cables. 

In Stock and Ready to Ship !           Better than OE.          Product
Bulletin Available.

Any interest in early 1961 version ? Need about a dozen orders to make up


Chassis Parts  OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer 

We have acquired two truck loads - GM, Perfect Circle, MOOG, etc. 

Nothing from the Third World - All USA !  

Lots of Tie Rod Ends and Bushings. 

Inquire for availability and price as I sort and clean these...


Our responses will continue to be slow due to knee surgery and ongoing PT
"physical torture" .


Feb. 2007 Sale = Reversing Lamp Switches 1961-5 and 1966-9

Check your Corsa Communiqué for Sale Prices. Product Bulletins Available. 


The Source, Inc.

13975 Mira Montana, Del Mar, CA. 92014-3113

Telephone: 858/259-1520 (machine) Fax: 858/259-3843 

Web: www.thesourceparts.com E mail: source at adnc.com  


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