[V8Vairs] Q on Throttle Cables

Frank F Parker fparker at umich.edu
Sun Sep 6 17:50:08 EDT 2009

> gary-don't know anything about crown cars but i'm using a moarse(sp) in my
> corvair powered avenger. works great. it's a cable with a outer sheath and
> works very smothly and doesn't require much for a return spring. found that
> i had to make sure the outer sheath was secured very tightly and in
> numerious places but other than that. in my case i had to have a u bend to
> reverse direction on the throttle body. worked well-mike mann

It is called a Morse cable and like Mike says, it is usuallt a ss inner 
cable threaded 10-32 on ea end onto which you can put sping loaded ball 
sockets for hooking to carb or throttle body. U can also get  cable
mounts and brackets.

Try a number of marine online sources.



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