<VV> Re: Oil Filters - an interesting thing......

John jdozsa@carr.org
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 00:45:05 -0400

Bob Helt wrote:

> But being an engineer and somewhat of a skeptic, I decided to find
> out for myself just how good this filter fits. So I procured one of those NEW
> Fram PH4 filters that you said were faulty. I also compared the Fram to a
> Purolator 20014 and found them to be nearly idential in gasketing and appearance.

The Hastings LF215 has the same large external gasket.  At last nights
CORSA of Baltimore chapter meeting a member had one on his engine.  He
reports some unexplained oil pressure changes with engine load.  I too
have a notched mounting bracket and I'll have his Hastings filter to
test this weekend.  I suspect the Baldwin B4 is also identical since
Hastings and Baldwin are both owned by the same company, Clarcor.

Perhaps Hastings/Baldwin also makes the Purolator filter.  It's parent,
Clarcor, mentions the Purolator brand in their annual stock report.  But
that doesn't quite jive with Purolator Products Co., the seller of
Purolator filters, being owned by ArvinMeritor.  It's like tracing a
family tree to understand the global auto parts business!

John Dozsa