<VV> please help me get my 64 running

David V. Clamp 66corsa@cox.net
Sat, 7 Aug 2004 12:38:14 -0400

If I have compression, gas, and spark, why won't it run? The thing I keep
coming back
to is it will start when I use the starting fluid, so I'm still leaning
towards fuel.


Do you have a major vacuum leak? Like maybe the hose that runs from the
balance tube to the PCV tube is off?

When I first put my engine back in after replacing the transaxle and clutch,
it didn't want to idle at all. I was thinking "Oh great, now what? It ran
perfectly before." The friend who was helping looked around and found that
hose pulled off. Reattaching it gave me back my smooth idle.

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