<VV> Sometimes the simplest answer does work!

JohnB10968@aol.com JohnB10968@aol.com
Sat, 7 Aug 2004 13:03:49 EDT

Took my '64 convertible out for a spin this morning and was presented with 
dead turn signals.  Immediately all sorts of problems and laborius solutions ran 
thru my pessimistic brain.  New switch on steering column needed, new cable, 
messed up internal pieces behind steering column, etc. etc.??  Before I went 
nuts with possible problems, I did have the good sense to look under dash - lo 
and behold, the flasher was about to fall out of fuse block.  Snapped in back 
in and all is well!  Sometimes Murphy is not on the job and the simplest 
answer does work!

John Blower
'64 Monza Convertible (with turn signals)