<VV> group red for me - going to drop my fuel tank

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh@hotmail.com
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 02:31:14 +0000

Hi, John.  I've done a couple early tanks, and I just finished removing and 
replacing the tank in my '62 Monza (to access the brake line underneath).  
Here are some tested tips for your reading pleasure:

I positioned the stands in the front only, under the under floor braces.  
The right hand one needs to be fairly far back (I had to move it back a bit 
during the remove).  The right end of the tank wants to hit the stand as you 
rotate it out.  Jack it up pretty high (I think my jack reaches 14" and I 
needed every bit of it).

I used a decent size drain pan (about a gallon and a half).  I made up a 10 
inch length of 5/16 fuel line, and plugged the end with a 21/64" drill bit.  
Then I carefully worked the hose off the sending unit and quickly replaced 
it with the plugged 10" hose.  Very little spilled (I positioned the drain 
pan under the leak area).  Then I used the drill bit as a stopper valve to 
stop the fuel flow whenever the pan filled up (so I could carry it away and 
transfer it to other containers or cars).

You may find that the tank hits the LH strut rod (where the big nut is).  On 
my '62, I removed the strut rod (remove the big nut, then 2 little nuts on 
the lower arm).  In may case this was easy to do.  Sometimes the big nut is 
frozen (but if it is, you can't do your wheel alignment adjustments).

As to whether to buy new or refurbish, it depends on the condition of your 
tank.  In my case, I took one tank to my local garage and they did the dirty 
work (clean and coat) for $40.  Well worth the cost and it is fine after 3 

Good luck!

-- Doug Mackintosh
   Corsa member since 1996
   Corsa/NC member since 1996,  Virtual Vairs member
   Corvair owner 1969-1971 and 1996-on

<<John Headley wrote:
OK, my vair is not going to cooperate until I remove
that gas tank and clean it out (or replace it).  ...What are the proper 
locations for jack stands on an
early so I can do this job safely?  Anyone have any
ideas on how to easily remove the gasoline from the
tank before dropping it, bearing in mind that I have
no idea how much is in there (i.e. needs to be a
controlled dump).  .....Finally, should I just bite the bullet and
replace it rather than screw around trying to repair a
40 year old steel tank? >>

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