<VV> CPF and auctions (Little Corvair)

qcc65@charter.net qcc65@charter.net
Sun, 29 Aug 2004 8:21:02 +0000

See previous comments below and then......

What "part of the commission fees" what percentage?

I operated an auction website for over a year and committed 100% 
of the fees collected to CPF. Those fees were sent in every quarter. 
Couldn't get a mention fron the CPF or CORSA and was even told to be 
careful using the CPF or CORSA name on the website. Never got  a soul 
interested in buying and selling Corvair parts on ALTOH. Now Ebay 
is all the rage with our Corvair leadership and they are trumpeted 
in our national publication for the great things they do for us. 
This is not exactly sour grapes. I'm a big boy and I constantly 
learn lessons in the business world. JUst makes me wonder why I, 
a member was treated so differently?  

<I think we can designate our sales
<on there to CPF and part of the commission that we pay goes to CPF.
<Hope that clears it up a little bit.
<Rob Landers

<Rob is exactly correct. Thanks, Rob!

Ron Guy
CORSA member