<VV> RE: Jerry Thompson-James Reeve Yenko Stinger YS-005

James Rice ricebugg@mtco.com
Sun, 29 Aug 2004 13:31:32 -0500

Bill:  I have the SCCA's SPORTSCAR for those years and will photocopy the
season end point totals & runoffs results for you.  I also will make copies
the 2 pages from one of the Runoff's program about James.  I also have a
couple photos by Mark Weber (b&w) and the one from the Goodyear Motorsport
Club newsletter (color) of James at RA.  Both of these have been in the
Communique at one time or another.  I also have a photo or two of James at
his shop in Atlanta from when he was running a Buick Skyhawk (aka Chevy
Monza) in IMSA.

I also will copy the photos we displayed at the Daytona convention of J.
Thompson  '67 Championship and photocopies from the '67 Runoff coverage in
Corvette News.

While I have Comp Press/Autoweek from those years, the SCCA National
coverage is at best spotty.  Having gone thru them at least twice while
doing racecar histories for current owners of now vintage race cars, I do
not think there is anything there.  If there was, I've copied it into my
files and will find it.  But I do not remember ever finding anything.

Basically, I'll copy everything I have from my files on the car & drivers
for you.  This is a winter project...something unknown to you!

I do not know in Jerry is on this distribution.  If not, let me know and
I'll forward this request to him.

Does anybody know where James Reeves is today?

James Rice

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Subject: Jerry Thompson-James Reeve Yenko Stinger YS-005

  Yenko Stinger enthusiast,

  I am the current owner of the above subject Yenko Stinger YS-005, and am
requesting your help in compiling the history of the car when owned and
raced by Jerry Thompson and James Reeve Jr.

  I am hoping to locate S.C.C.A. records/race results from the years
1966,1967 and 1972 through 1977. If there is any information on the years
1968-1971 that is also needed.

  I know the car was raced at the 1966 ARRC at Riverside raceway, 1967 ARRC
at Daytona, and at the ARRC at Road Atlanta from 1972-1977. I have the log
book that shows all the races entered by James Reeve and myself.

  The car is currently going through a rebuild and I want to take it to the
Corvair Society of America National Convention in Portland in 2005. Along
with the car I want to display as much history as possible. If there are
SCCA, Regional newsletters, National magazines or any other printed items
with mention of the car, such as race programs etc., you may have or know of
please contact me, contact information is at the bottom of this plea.

  Pictures of the car in action or just sitting still are very much desired
along with any video that may be out there.

  If any of you raced at the ARRC in the years the #005 did and have any of
the memoriblia that was given to the racers, that would be very welcome. I
have found a few patches on EBAY and am hoping to have a full set from the
years the car was raced at the runoffs. Also, desired are decals or patches
from the various race tracks at which Jerry and James raced the car.

  I am willing to pay reasonable prices for items is need be but donation of
any would be appreciated to enable me to save the money to put into the
Stinger. Photo copies of articles with identification would be OK.

  Please copy and / or print this letter and forward or distribute it to
your local Corvair club or SCCA regional newsletter to reach others who may
be able to help.

  Thankyou for reading and helping to get YS-005 on the track again!

  Bill Sanders                                            Home: 408-923-8134
  14990 Freeman Avenue                            Work:  650-948-8801
  San Jose, CA 95127                                 Fax:    650-948-9006