<VV> traitors?

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Try to remember to clip your messages when replying. Helps the folks on Digest, and keeps you out of hot water with Smitty, and the Chairman---In that order,BTW.

Now, for your question. 
> From: Marc  Marcoulides <hharpo@earthlink.net>
> Date: 2004/08/30 Mon PM 04:40:16 GMT
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> Subject: Re: <VV> traitors?
> Hank, you work in the parts business, refresh my memory... The piece from early corvettes used by those with a 180 turbo to filter the fuel when not using a return line to tank. 

I am not familiar with this part. Perhaps it is because I don't sell too many Corvair or Corvette parts at my dealership. We don't order any Vettes, as in the area where the dealership lies is economically depressed,having had over 25 textile mills close in less than 10 years. We are also not authorized to work on Corvettes, because we don't have the 10K worth of special Vette tools, and none of our tech's are certified Corvette techs. 

What I can tell you is that if the piece has a GM part number, and is still in the system, I'll sure as heck sell you one, and for all I care you can install it on your 1957 Studebaker Hawk. As long as you have a need for it, I'll sell it. Face it, I work on commission. 

I don't remember any corvette parts suppliers complaining that it was wrongful use of the part. 

Again, If the part is now in the aftermarket, meaning that some other entity is now producing it under license from GM, I am sure they don't give a rat's pitooty what the hell you buy it for, just so long as you do. 

I am in no position to explain what makes Mark tick, however I am in a position to see what goes on day to day in the marketplace.