<VV> Re:you and others in the hurricane

TONY FIORE tonycorsa@juno.com
Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:39:14 -0400

--- First of all to Terry Denk- 
         I tried to call you on the phone without success but  am happy
to learn that you had practically no damage. Others in the Pt. Charlotte
area were not so lucky. I tried to call other in our Gulfcoast Corvairs
Club that may have been in the danger areas, but have had no response so
--- Now to Chuck Armer and other CORSA members-
        Thank you so much for your kind concern. We thank God that the
Sarasota area was spared. We must remember that many of our members in
this area go up North in the summer months. Let's hope and pray that they
don't come back to damaged homes. If any of our Gulfcoast Corvairs Club
members who may have had storm damage see this message, please contact me
and let us know your needs and how we can help.   
Tony Fiore, 
Pres. Mail-Copy Publications