<VV> Brake testing

kovacsmk kovacsmk@Access4Less.net
Fri, 7 May 2004 19:58:06 -0400

 I just want to point out the fact that a brake test once a month is
cheap insurance again brake failure. If you have ever participated in a
NECC event you know about the hard, harder, HARDER brake test.


 Park your car in your garage or driveway 


First: step on the brake pedal like you would in an emergency stop.

Second:  attempt to push the pedal through the floor. Harder!!

Third: grab the steering wheel (for added leverage) and with BOTH FEET
on the brake pedal, try to push the pedal into the gas tank. HARDER!!!


 If all three attempts do not produce a blown line, or cylinder, the
chances are you are good for a month or two. Repeat the test on a
regular basis. It doesn't matter what type of brakes you have or how old
or new the car / system is. 


Getting all the information is most of the solution.