<VV> Head VS Engine Removal

ChiefTAM@aol.com ChiefTAM@aol.com
Sat, 8 May 2004 12:34:51 EDT

Many of you have provided advise on what might be wrong with my 69 110 
Convertible that developed a miss while it was being driven to my new home in Texas 
from Iowa.  The only thing I know as of yet is that one cylinder is 60 lbs 
compression, while the other five are at 150 lbs.  I have finally gotten back 
from some business trips, and have some time, so I am ready to get started on 
determining the actual problem.  One thing that will help is that tomorrow I am 
picking up a borrowed air compressor to pressurize the cylinder and to run my 
air tools.

At the NTCA meeting I attended last week, I told the membership there that I 
was going to have to pull off the offending head, and some members told me 
they would rather go through the effort to pull the whole engine rather than just 
the head (driver's side) and then work on the engine with it out of the car.  
Thus brings my questions.

What is the body of thought regarding removing the entire engine versus just 
pulling the head while in the car?

What is the relative difficulty of doing either?

If removing the entire engine, where do you split it from the car or do you 
bring engine, differential and tranny out in one piece?

Any other thoughts?  Please keep in mind that I am a relative novice, never 
having pulled apart a Corvair engine, and that I am working on this alone.

Thanks for your advise.

Todd Miller
Dallas, TX