<VV> "Brake" Failures

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Sat, 8 May 2004 16:29:53 EDT

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Uh...  your preferences for lates is showing.   The early cars have no yoke
retaining bolts.   They rely upon the bearing press fit for to retain the

Page 123 of the Clarks catalog (2002-2006 Main catalog) shows part number 
C1298 for 60-64 cars and 61-65 Vans and a Grade 8 bolt to do just that. Item 
number 5 in the exploded view. I could be wrong. This does retain the yoke onto 
the axle, not the axle to the car. I do admit, the loss of this bolt alone would 
not allow the axle to "depart". It would take bearing failure at the outer 
bearing fit, due to heat and/or other problems to allow it. And Tony, if 
everybody made the concerted effort to maintain their cars like you do, I am sure we 
would have few rear axle bearing failures, if any. - Seth