<VV> Cam selection, was CAM and STARTER

NicolCS@aol.com NicolCS@aol.com
Mon, 10 May 2004 18:46:53 EDT

Tim, the 891 with a regular crank puts the power and torque range up even 
higher than a regular 140. It's way off for your application.  The 889 cam with 
the PG140 retarded crank (advances cam to raise 889 peak-torque rpm) is a VERY 
sweet combinaiton that maximizes the engine's torque in the range that you 
will experience every time you drive the van. I put this 889/PG 140 combo in 
front of stickshift cars for its "high-torque in reasonable rpm range character.
Craig Nicol
67 140 3.08 4sp with 889/PG 140 crank (love it)
66 140 3.08 4sp with 304/std 140 crank (lacks bottom end)

<snip> now back to my decision on  which cam to use in my next engine for a 
van  with powerglide...against a 140hp powergline crank(RN)  9889 or 9891?  
have both in very good shape with matched lifters.140 heads with 2 carbs will be 
used.hmmmmmm             regards tim colson <unsnip>