<VV> Air Intake Panel Removal

Geoff Johnson geoffj@unm.edu
Thu, 13 May 2004 13:43:26 -0600

Thanks to everyone for the quick responses.  I will go ahead and pull it 
here, when I get a chance.   Might plan on pulling the back window and 
resealing at the same time as it definately needs it and has been on the to 
do list for a long time.  Trying to get the car to look a little better for 
a show this weekend, figured we would bring it out as a work in progress. 
Have prepped and primed and filled all the imperfections in the decklid. 
Still have some final sanding to do but it is getting there.  Will shoot 
the color later today or tommorrow...

Thanks Again,
Geoff Johnson