<VV> 'Vair on John Boy/Billy

Fri, 14 May 2004 12:26:19 EDT

Hello All:
The Corvair got about 2 minutes of air time this morning on the John Boy/
Billy talk show.  This is a talk show syndicated across the US and originating
in Charlotte, NC.  Main character, John Boy, is a Chevrolet supporter and
has a dealership in Taylorsville,  NC.  He knows little about cars, but seemed
to be reading from a good script.
Talked about rear engine, unit construction, independent suspension.  And
the Nader book and law suits during the mid '60s.  He also said that the '66
was planned to be the last year, but with the law suits still in court, GM
decided to keep it for a few more years.  All of this on the May 14 show
honoring the last production date for the Corvair.  Also talked about the
wide spread Corvair clubs across the US.
I'm going to send an e-mail to the show thanking him for the coverage,
and asking if he will say something about the upcoming Nationals.

Hope some of you heard the show.  Bill Loftin