<VV> RE: Trim Removal

Dennis & Debbie Pleau ddpleau@earthlink.net
Fri, 14 May 2004 19:05:33 -0500

I've found that a church key (old style beer opener) works very well for this.


At 10:28 AM 5/14/2004, Dan & Synde wrote:
>Very Carefully!  As you know, it is very difficult to remove it without
>bending it.  Start at the corner opposite the hinges.  You need to use a
>small screw driver and work the upper corner free and work across the top
>toward the front of the car.  I tried to use the flat side of a bottle
>opener with tape wrapped around it to prevent scratching but this only
>succeeded in denting it.  I tried several on junkyard cars before being
>successful with a small (precision style) screw driver.  The factory put
>some puddy like adhesive under the trim down about where  it curves over the
>vent window but most of this has lost it's hold by now so that wasn't an
>issue in all the ones I removed.
>Hope this helps.