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Now if you are looking for a "project" 61 Corvair 4-door, I have one with a
140 motor and automatic. Needs rockers and front splash pan (included) and
some more fixing up. Upholstry needs some attention (bench seat)and a few
other needs. Has fender skirts and a few more extra parts $500

Also have a 62 4-door needing work including a rear tailight panel, which I
have, body and paint work also needed but actually fairly decent standard
motor/auto $500

Cars located in Gasport NY (near Buffalo) 
Gary Swiatowy

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Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 08:40:32 EDT

Subject: Re: <VV> 1961 Corvair
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thomasvharley@hotmail.com writes:
Well I sure am glad I found this wesite and mailing list. There is a 1961
Corvair 4-Door, dual carb, pretty much the basic cut down version. The
car has been sitting for a year in the owners driveway and has not been
driven since. The owner has told me over the phone that the car is 98%
restored, though i find that hard to believe since it has been sitting
there for the whole year. There are no dents, the body looks great. He is
asking $4000 for it. How much should i ask for. What problems should i
address and what should i expect from the car sitting there for so long?

A probable future Corvair owner,


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