<VV> Truth in advertising! + membership idea?

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Wed Mar 2 12:29:12 EST 2005

Great idea Steve,

When I was talking with the owner of my '64 Spyder, he offered a year 
membership in CORSA as part of the deal.  Of course, I was already a member.  I think 
that we may all want to consider this sort of thing when selling a vehicle to 
a non CORSA member.

I think that the eBay idea is great.  We can also send the message to the 
buyer.  Theoretically, eBay frowns on this sort of thing but I don't think that 
anyone will complain and most people contacted by this method would be 

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> Actually, more than the catchy ad copy, the CORSA sticker in the window 
> caught my eye, and made me think that perhaps CORSA should be thinking about 
> sending a pdf copy of the CORSA discount offer to all sellers of Corvairs on ebay 
> to give to buyers of the cars. The owner of the "lumpy green coupe" was or 
> is apparently a CORSA member but I suspect that many, and maybe a majority of 
> ebay sellers are either not CORSA members or at least don't carry around the 
> "discount card" with them.
> Steve Oxford/'63 conv

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