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Bruce Schug bwschug at charter.net
Wed Mar 2 17:38:07 EST 2005

On Mar 2, 2005, at 12:31 PM, sarahvair at juno.com wrote:

> Joel and all,
> The CORSA display tent is open to any and all Chapters to make use of. 
>  All you need to do is contact me because I keep the calander for it.  
> As Lon said, it is currently in his possession for use during the 
> convention.
> The display will be used at all CORSA conventions during the Car 
> Display and then after that the host committee can use it any way they 
> want.
> Yes, it can be taken to the large car shows.  Sometimes we luck out 
> and members will carry it between destinations.  CORSA will pay for 
> shipping of the display one way.  You can get just the tent 
> application, or you can elect to have the desk set up as well.

So, let me get this straight, this kiosk (display tent?) has been 
around for years, but few knew about it... oh maybe people saw it at a 
convention, but didn't think twice about what it was or what it's 
purpose was. I don't ever remember any communication from CORSA to 
myself personally, through the Communique or other means, or to our 
chapter, through a simple flyer that would show the kiosk, explain it's 
intended purpose, and outline it's requirements for use. NO WONDER IT 

We used to have a nice mall show with a nice display table set up. We 
had lots of non-CORSA members stop by. We gained many of our members 
this way (the mall closed and we've never been able to find another 
appropriate venue).

But CORSA plans to use it at conventions where it will be shown to 
other CORSA members... is something wrong with this picture? Everyone 
who participates at a convention has to join CORSA. Are there many 
other people milling around who might be exposed to the kiosk and 
therefore join CORSA? Doesn't seem to me there are, but I don't know. 

If CORSA has any confidence that this kiosk is worth getting in front 
of people, they should communicate it's purpose and availability to its 
members. Secondly, they should prepare a supply of materials to be on 
display at the kiosk - sample Communiques, books, vendor catalogs, the 
excellent "Top 10 reasons to own a Corvair" flyer, etc. Finally, they 
should copy off some special membership applications coded in a way 
that if they were received as member apps, they would know that they 
came from the kiosk. This way, the real benefit - or failure - of the 
kiosk could be measured.

If the kiosk works and brings in some members, CORSA should make a 
concentrated effort to have the kiosk at major shows, which have 
already been mentioned.


Bruce W. Schug
CORSA South Carolina
Greenville, SC
bwschug at charter.net

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'67 Monza. "67AC140"

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