<VV> 1966 headrest REPRO update

John Daniele jdaniele at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 21:52:03 EST 2005

For those interested in 66 repro headrest for 1966  here is what'
going on. I spoke with Miguel at 60's corvette recently and gave him a
list from the 1966 gm parts book for the headrest components it seems
66-67 corvette uses the same part numbers he is doing 67 vette now and
the only differance in 66 is the shape of the foam. We last spoke on
3/3/05 and he had a prototype 66 foam that he sent back for a few more
mods. these will be done shortly. the only item that may be special is
the upolstery to match corvair interior but thats not a problem
because he said if you buy the matching material from clarks he can
make the cover. The bottom line is this looks like reality in a short
time since he is already making headrest sets. I think if you were
interestd you should take a look at his website

and if you could just send a email that would say your interested in a
possible purchase for a corvair I belive he will move on getting the
66 foam ready. He is a cool guy who will spend a few miniutes on the
phone if you want to call him his e mail and phone number are on the
main page of his web site. He also has some headrest sets on ebay here
is an item number for a current auction  7958930067. a few more
pictures here then on the web site.

I hope this helps everyone achive there goal of obtaining this great
and usefull factory option.

Regards John Daniele

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