<VV> Late Model Tweeter Locations (non-stock)

Bill Elliott Corvair at fnader.com
Sun Mar 6 10:19:40 EST 2005

Not really high end, but I run supertweeters in both my coupe and vert to assist in the stereo separation which is hurt by running a pair of mid-ranges in the 
stock speaker location in the dash. In the copue, I wounted them at the top of the a-pillar where the are unobtrusive and not really noticed during driving. 
In the convertible, they were a bit more obvious so I mounted them at the base. The sound is better at the top IMO.

Coupe system is simpler... high(er) power headunit in box under the dash, twin 3.5" dual range speakers in the stock dash location, supertweeters (with 
built-in crossovers) at the top of the a-pillars, surface mount speakers on the rear deck, self-powered subwooker centered in the rear deck.

Vert has a 12 disc changer in the trunk controlled by a matching head unit under the dash in the car. The head unit directly drives the front channels which 
consist of two 6" dual cone speakers in the stock dash location and the supertweeters (again with built in crossovers) at the bottom of the a-pillars. Rear 
channels are RCA out to a 3 channel amp under the passenger seat. Two channels drive the cheap 6x9 speakers which I dropped behind vintage 
speaker grills into junk side panels and the final channel drives a pair of Bass Shakers (one under the center of the rear seat, one under the driver's seat) to 
add some low end feel since there is no easy way for a subwoofer.

Some pix of my 'vert install:

The entire vert install was done with only 6 very small holes drilled into the body (2ea mounts for amp and Shakers)... car was otherwise unmodified. Coupe 
has only two holes in rear firewall to mount the surface mount speakers.

Bill Elliott

On Sun, 6 Mar 2005 09:35:04 -0500, Ryan Counterman wrote:

>Hey Late model guys, those of you with high end audio stuff, where are you mounting your tweeters?  I am debating which would be easier and sound 
better, putting it in the dash or the top of the door panel.  Also if you have any pics to email me that would be great.  Thanks.

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