<VV> 92 Dodge Dakota transmissin problems. No Corvair

Rick Loving ral1963 at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 7 21:15:24 EST 2005

First sorry for the bandwidth...This does have only circumstantial
relativity to my Corvair.

I know there are a few transmission specialists on the list and I need
their help...

My 92 Dodge Dakota, 235000 miles, (V8, automatic trans) has been having
transmission issues for the last 6 months but recently started getting
worse.  When cold it does not want to shift put of first or into high
gear sometimes, even when hot it sometimes won't up-shift for bursts of
time as well as very hard shifting periodically.  Also, after driving on
the interstate and idling down, the transmission doesn't want to grab.
It acts like it is in neutral unless the engine is REV'ed up.  This
vehicle is my primary work transportation and having to replace it would
basically wipe out my funds saved for the cost of going to the Iowa
mini.  The transmission fluid is not dark or burnt smelling and appears
to be at the correct level.  I was planning on driving it until it died
but I was hoping for a another year of service.  

I was told by a co-worker that I shouldn't change the trans fluid as it
may get worse with new fluid, is that sound advice?

Another told me to change the fluid level and see if the dipstick is
correctly measuring as high or low fluid could casue symptoms?

Is there any type of additive that might help smooth out the shifting or

Any help for knowlegable trans people out there would be beneficial..
Rick Loving

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