<VV> Broken line on guage adapter

Robert Coffin dryenko at cox.net
Mon Mar 14 08:32:03 EST 2005

Ned ,
I have done a bunch of these setups and have never broken a line .
 I use 3/16th inch brake line tubing , and attach the sender , light switch
etc to a study bracket off of the alternator support flat steel piece. The
only thing going to the car body are the wires. everything else is on the
engine.This approach eliminates the flexing and failure of the steel line.
I don't recommend attaching any weight to a pipe fitting off of the rear oil
filter housing as these will also break , over time, with vibration.
I have seen a couple engines run out of oil and "totaled" when the pipe
fitting  broke off and were not noticed in time....
Bob C

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