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Chuck Kubin dreamwoodck at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 19:06:49 EST 2005

---I think I will hold out for either another V6 Corvair that needs a paint job 
or one of the more elusive 4 cylinder Corvairs that so many people have told 
me they had owned.---

Hell, Russ, why do that when you can have one with a big block V8 in the front, like I always hear about, or the rare4WD option? I didn't see the pix you mentioned, but just remember that "overhauled" to most casual Corvair owners means a pushrod tube change, "rare original" means it can run as far as the boneyard, and the standard Volkswagon presale overhaul means a can of Krylon silver applied to the rims. I think "detailed" means he washed the engine compartment at the coin-op.

---Someone I know used the grease hose in the top of the adaptabolt and then
went to the back panel to connect to a hard line going to a mechanical gauge
at the dash...made sense to me but I still haven't done it!---


I added a cluster to my 140 some years ago. If not mistaken, I believe Clark's offered this as a kit.

The setup used a t-fitting to screw into the oil pressure sending unit hole. The side of the T accepted a 1/8" nylon line and the top (other end of the straight portion) accepted the sending unit, so it still worked stock.

The time-consuming part was the line through the tunnel from the T to the mechanical gauge under the dash. It took a couple seconds to pressurize the lione and the gauge, but if the pressure dropped, the gauge responded instantly. As long as the fittings sealed on either end, there were no problems.

> I went to Flagstaff. Flew into Phoenix. Dry Heat MY ASS!!! 


A funeral in Payson last March meant flying into Phoenix and driving (in ONLY 90 miles) NE through four climate zones, including desert, pine forest, high plains and mountains. I saw a place where two distinctly different sets of vegetation grew on the sunny and shady sides of the same valley. I saw snow a couple miles from rattlers and horny toads. Since Enterprise rents a Mitsubishi convertible for only $10 a day more that the midsize we wanted, we got it on impulse. What a good deal--we froze, we baked, we got sunburned, we had a blast. I drove up, but there's no way Clarissa was going to let me get away with driving back too. Fast straight sections and tight twisties. It was the most fun I've had sitting up in a car.


Chuck Kubin

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