<VV> Ulcers--not Corvair

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Mar 15 02:37:06 EST 2005

At 08:08 hours 03/14/2005, Chuck Kubin wrote:
>Tony, and all the other ulcer victims,
>Ask your doctor (or tell him if he isn't in the know)
>about heliobacter pilori.I call it helecopter
>bacteria. I suffered for about 10 years, and by suffer
>I mean the scene from "Alien," before I ran into an
>Army gastro doctor who didn't even want to hear my
>story. He had just gotten back from the Mayo clinic
>where this was the hottest topic in the field. He told
>me that's what I had...period.

I've been told by a very smart doctor that bleeding stomach ulcers in the 
infirm, weak, and/or sickly can kill them rather quickly.   Their blood 
doesn't clot as it should and they can actually bleed to death and not know 
it.   It's what killed actor George C Scott according to a news report and 
has been attributed to the sudden deaths of a  variety of infirm, anemic, 
elderly, or otherwise compromised folks who for whatever reason would not 
be able to endure much blood loss.    It was also attributed to the passing 
of one of my grandparents who had been prescribed "blood thinners" which 
slowed clotting.


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