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> Awesome!
> Hey Joe, you know that little lip that hangs down under the front rolled
> pan? On my super low mile '64 500 coupe w/original red paint that lip was
> painted semi-gloss black. It made that area look much better, and was
> original, I believe.
> Keep up up the good work! Will you be in Portland?
> yea, Vairily ... Shaun

  Is this a Canadian built car?  A few years back I had a '63 Monza sedan 
(Canadian built, late '63 production, original paint car) that had this blackout 
along the bottom rocker panel lip.  I don't recall noticing it on the front 
splash pan though.  I figure different factories experimented with such things 
trying to find the most aesthetically pleasing look.  Another unrelated oddity 
that the '63 exhibited was it's horns mounted inboard, under the trunk pan ALA 
'64 style.

Bruce Webster
'60 569
'61 727
'64 927

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