<VV> Mark vs Earlies

airvair airvair at richnet.net
Mon Mar 21 17:14:28 EST 2005

Smitty, Smitty, Smitty. You totally misunderstand what I said. I DIDN'T 
say pull them completely out of the vehicle. In "pulling the axles" you 
have to PULL THEM OUT of the diff, otherwise the axles won't allow the 
engine to drop enough to clear the back end of the body as you separate 
it at the bellhousing. THAT is "pulling the axles!" And YES, I've done a 
clutch job on an early PITA.

On a late model, you don't even have to touch the axles, let alone 
separate them from the diff (or anything else), in order to drop the 
drivetrain enough to get the engine out. THAT is what makes the late 
model clutch job simpler than on an early model.


vairologist at juno.com wrote:

>>From: "airvair" <airvair at richnet.net>
>Earlies aren't "superior." Just unsophisticated. Proof is that you don't
>have to pull the axles out of a late model in order to drop out 
>only theengine
>Smitty says;  Mark did you ever actually stand in the same parking lot
>with an Early or have you always viewed tham from down the street?  You
>don't remove the axles of an Early to drop the engine.  You don't have to
>take the "U" joint bolts apart, and you don't have to pull the yokes off
>either.  You just remove 4 nuts on the backing plate and pull the whole
>mess out far enough for the engine to clear.  The "U" joint yoke and all
>just pulls right out of the differential.  I keep telling you, if you
>want to form an opinion, check with me first.

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