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Wed Mar 23 11:45:52 EST 2005

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Also,  can you put a LM transaxle in an early ?

Sam  Grabenhorst

Putting a 65 or later complete transaxle into an early is a bunch of work.  
Can it be done? - Yes - But a 64 transaxle has all the attributes you want with 
 the same strength transmission (64-65 were identical) and the mounting you 
want.  I have seen a 66 transmission mounted in a 64 - Be ready for major metal 
 surgery. The "so-called" Saginaw trans is much bigger than the early sized  
trans. You will have to cut away metal for clearance. Also you will have to  
decide exactly how to attach it to the 64 differential. 4-bolts line up,  
gasketing and fluid/breathing holes will have to be checked out and  addressed.

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