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I DID have to drive to Cleveland once to "rescue" her after she stopped for 
gas and inadvertently field up with diesel fuel.  Seems that the station she 
went to had the diesel pumps on the same island with the gas pumps.  Lost a 
weekend getting THAT straightened out.

Just having As in school does not mean you know how to walk and chew gum at 
the same time!  OR, anything about cars...   <GRIN>

She did - at my urging and tutelage - finally learn to drive a stick shift.

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Later, JR

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> << I only have one daughter.  She never crashed a car.  She was an A 
> student.
>   After she wrecked it the first time and had to drive my 4 sp. rampside 
> to
> school , she wanted a stick. We practiced in an empty parking lot until 
> she
> was a master of the 4 sp.. ( she races some with me now- she's fearless) ) 
> We (
> her and I) changed her car  back to a stick

>   I think that it turned out great.
>  Warren.

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