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Ron,  in the upper left hand corner of the body tag, you'll find a two digit, one letter code.  I believe this code is the Fisher body build date, and should give you a more accurate idea of when your Corsa was built than trying to extrapolate from the VIN.  For example, Christine has a build date code of 09B, indicating the second week (B) of September (09).  Her VIN is 105676W00244.  There is also a number just to the right of the word BODY on the body tag.  In the case of Christine, it's 29.  If I remember my lessons here on VV correctly, this number indicates she's the 29th Corvair convertible Fisher Body built for model year 1966.  Also, as I recall from my VV lessons, it took about a week for the engine to make it from Tonawanda to the assembly line in Willow Run.  (Christine's engine code is T0909RH.)  I don't know how quickly Chevrolet was cranking out '66 Corvairs in September of 1965, but my gut feeling is the engine code (0916) is reasonable, especially if it comes close to the body build date.

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I have a 66 Corsa with a low vin of 2,1xx. The engine code is T0916RB. 
I know this is the correct block for a 66 Corsa. Is the date close 
enough to coincide with the VIN number? In other words, Is the Sept. 
build date good, or should this have an August build date? 

I'm just curios, this is going to be a summer driver, no concourse judging. 


Ron Tinkham 

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