<VV> Balance and water leaks

Dan & Synde dsjkling at sbcglobal.net
Sun Mar 27 13:02:00 EST 2005

Hi Sam and Pam,

Here are a few more areas you'll want to look at.  Make sure the paper
behind the door panels is in good shape and sealed, the bottom portion needs
to be tucked into the slot on the door.  Check that the windwing rubber is
in good condition.  Remove the grill in front of the windshield and make
sure the seam along the bottom is chalked good.  Check for rust out too.
Earlies are notorious for leaks around the front heater vents, reason being
water enters the rockers from the rear windows and front grill below the
windshield.  There is a drain hole in the rear just forward of the rear
wheel but when parked facing downhill, the water runs forward toward the
heater vent.  There is a seam in the body just forward of the heater vent in
the rocker panel.  Where this seam is, there is a flange that sticks up in
the rocker that prevents the water from flowing to the front drain hole,
instead, it leaks onto the floor around the heater vent.  That's one reason
why front floors in earlies rust out so easily. In my 63, I just drilled an
additional drain hole on the otherside of this flange closer to the heater
vent.  The trim covers it up and you don't see it.

Dan Kling

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A few pictures of the Greenbrier and our Ultravan #299, more to come!

> I have also noticed that all of my EMs have a water leak. What areas are
inherit to these cars >? It would help to know what to target before I start
throwing parts at it. I already re-caulked >the gutters and I know I need to
replace the front and rear window seals. Anything else I need
>to be aware of ?

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