<VV> Need part for instrument panel

Jim Houston tampatexan at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 28 14:42:30 EST 2005

I am repairing a Corsa instrument panel for a friend and a PO did some 
massive cutting and gluing to install VDO gages in the small holes.  
What I need is the rear "can" or cover for the upper two gages (clock 
and ?).  I have everything else, but this part is missing.  What had 
been done was to hot glue the cardboard tubes to the front plate and 
then hot glue the lights in the end of the tubes.  Needless to say, this 
is less than a satisfactory way to mount and secure the tubes and 
lights.  If anybody has a destroyed or unusable Corsa dash and could 
help me out with this part, please reply off line.  Thanks in 
advance...  (Hope I didn't waste too much bandwidth)..

Jim Houston
Brandon, FL
'65 Monza coupe
'66 Monza coupe (Group Red)

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