<VV> my throwout shaft is cracked

John McMahon jmac2112 at adelphia.net
Thu Mar 31 09:07:54 EST 2005

Actually, the throwout shaft on my differential IS cracked, and I've been 
toying with whether or not to replace it.  The crack (at least the only 
*visible* crack) starts at the front and goes back about an inch.  I filed 
the shaft down so that the bearing slides freely, and since the crack does 
not extend back to differential, I was thinking maybe it wouldn't leak. 
What say ye?

And exactly how long would it take a mechanically inclined Corvair newbie 
like me to take apart the differential and replace the shaft?  And what 
items always or usually have to be replaced while one is in there?


John McMahon
1965 Monza coupe 

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