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About 15 years ago the tank in my 64 T was leaking badly. I sandblasted the
bottom and discovered a LOT of small holes.
Sent tank out to radiator shp which advertised a cleaning inside and out
and a re-seal job.
This was at a time when no replacements were available unless it was an NOS

About 5 years ago I had the car up on the lift and noticed a softball sized
goose egg on the bottom of the tank. metal gave away but sealer didn't.
Finally found a replacement tank.............Didn't want a catastrophic
tank failure.

Gary Swiatowy

 From: Chris & Bill Strickland <lechevrier at earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: <VV> Re: Fuel tank cleaning

J R Read_HML wrote:

> After that, the sealer goes in, holes get plugged, and back to the 
> rotisserie in order to spread the sealant.  Seems to work JF.

Like I say, once you pour that goop inside the tank, what do you do for 
an encore presentation say 15 - 20 years down the road. More goop? Will 
the market's then darling product still be compatible with the stuff you 
used this time? Will there be any steel left to hold it in shape?

If you use the original construction materials (steel and solder) now 
for repairs, it is still repairable for some future owner next time it 
needs to be done -- probably without having to cut the tank apart to do it.

Short cuts are for the short sighted.

I know -- this is the era of filling dents with chicken wire screwed 
down with self tappers to hold the bondo (like applying stucco) & 
"fixing" a flat with an aerosol can -- same sort of thing as gooping the 
gas tank.

Maybe, if you had a plastic tank, like on the earlier Fieros and 
couldn't find a steel one from a later model ...


Bill Strickland

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