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Wade Halsey HiHal at adelphia.net
Thu Oct 6 01:12:27 EDT 2005

My last post on the topic:

Ilustrations of the coil in the 1965 shop manual show the clamp which 
holds the coil positioned on the bottom half of the coil which would 
hold it well above the "D" shaped hole. A.I.R. engines have the coil 
mounted horizontally  on the rear panel below the engine lid latch. I 
have two '69s and two 66s. Each engine has the "D" shaped hole. The 
majority of LM engines were not smog engines, not around here anyway. In 
the relatively few smog engines produced, the existing hole was used for 
the smog pipe from the right exhaust manifold----and the smog pipe from 
the left manifold used the EXISTING air recirculation opening by the oil 
cooler. The left side came with a cover to be used in the summer and 
removed in the winter. This cover had a cutout to go around the smog 
pipe when the cover was in place. The 2" hole is unique to the smog engine.

Enough on the subject from me!

UltraMonzaWest at aol.com wrote:

>Wade...this is a hole just big enough for the Coil's base to partially fit 
>in....it's like the coil length was changed and this hole was cut to keep it 
>from hitting metal....
>I've had    12  LM  164   engines...including 1 FC.....  only my 1969 has 
>this......there is a larger round 2"  diameter hole further away..
>It is surely where the Exh. Gas tube from the pass. exhaust maifold came 
>thru.....and A.I.R.  engines must have the coil mounted elsewhere?  

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