<VV> [Fwd: RE: Corvair Document/Publication (TIS Request # TIS05-007888 DGD)]

Bill Meglen tirediron at charter.net
Thu Oct 6 08:34:35 EDT 2005

A microfiche reader is from what I understand is not your problem, rather 
scanning the microfiche is!

Kind of ironic, most likely the microfiche was "computer output 
microfiche:". that is generated by computer to microfiche.  IF a microfiche 
reader is of value to you, I have several purchased at auction and as near 
as I can tell they have become a "glut" on the market.  I would send you 
one, if you will pay shipping, provide me copies (images) of your end 
result and a description of the techniques employed in creating digital 
images of them; assure that appropriate venues for Corvair history are 
provided copies, and VV subscribers are allowed to purchase copies at your 
cost. Shipping would be from zip 89460 and I would estimate weight at 20#, 
I will get an accurate weight tomorrow if you express interest.

I accept that I may be off point, but nothing ventured nothing gained!


On Oct 4, 2005, at 2:43 PM, Kevin Spargur wrote:

>Our main library downtown has w microfiche reader-printer in the genealogy 
>department but it is closed until November 12th; reason being is because 
>they just built a new main library and they are in the process of moving 
>everything to the new facility.  The downside to this is that the 
>microfiche reader-printer in the genealogy room is the ONLY one in the 
>Jacksonville Public Library system.  None of the other branches have one.

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