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Sat Oct 8 15:46:55 EDT 2005

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> Because when I came home this evening I found I cannot 
> raise the garage door.  One of the (very heavy duty) garage door springs 
> that help raise the door has broken.  By the time I could get somebody out 
> here to repair the spring the show would be over.  Since Alice is inside the 
> garge, she isn't going anywhere real soon.

       It is possible to raise the door without the help of the springs, but 
it will take 2 or 3 strong people to do so, depending on the weight of the 
door.  When the single torsion spring broke on one of my garage doors, it took 
both Jim and myself to raise the door.  Once the door is fully elevated, the 
tension is off the spring so it can then be replaced.  I took my broken spring to 
a garage door place and they wound me a new one to exactly replace the broken 
one.  With the garage door up, I could install the new spring myself since at 
that point, there is no tension on the spring.
       Frank "do it yourself" Burkhard

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