<VV> 4 speed o/d trans for Corvair

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Sun Oct 9 10:04:48 EDT 2005

At 08:43 AM 10/9/2005, you wrote:
>Well, as usual, the real hard part is to define our goals .... do we want an
>original corvair ( which we all agree goes fast enough for real people ....
>and yes, will get 25 + mpg if tuned right,  ... )
>Or do we want a completely modern trick car with everything, and go 71 on
>the interstate just like our corvairs will, and get 27 mpg .... or better

I want a blend. I have gotten used to cars that turn 2000-2500 at 70 and 
are as quick off the line as a manual. My life has been a blend of 
electronic and mechanical so why shouldn't my cars (played first video game 
almost 50 years ago). I like digital FI that I can monitor from the dash. 
It bothers me to expend more energy to turn the motor than to move the car.

Take the gentleman with the 64 that will not start. You need air, fuel, and 
fire all of which you can watch on my computer cars. I don't think anyone 
objects to use of modern test equipment so why not build it in.

Question was more of passing interest though, the Corvair was never 
intended to be more than a cruiser and will probably never go through more 
than a couple of tanks a year but I do like to experiment/play with my toys

Two speeds were OK for the model T but would like a few more for a car 
today. At the same time a four speed Muncie belongs behind a 400 hp engine 
and is absolutely miserable to try to cruise at Old Town with one (also 
need an engine that will idle but that is another issue - am getting there).


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