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henry kaczmarek kaczmarek at charter.net
Sun Oct 9 12:23:11 EDT 2005

I have no ability  to read Scott Morehead's mind. I have no idea what he's 
doing with these steering boxes.

OTOH, I haven't seen any ad or representation that says Scott has gone into 
the steering box rebuild/sales business either. At least not in any Corvair 
literature or lists I am privy to.

I have been asked MANY times by T-Bucket Street Rodders, and other Hot Rod 
types as well, for Corvair steering boxes, and they do offer to pay well for 
them.  But when the person says it's for a non-Corvair car, they get a 
"Sorry, can't help you".

I DO know that 30 years from now if I need a steering box, I don't want to 
have to buy a used one from a hot rod guy, he'll want 300.00 for it.

As has been mentioned here, prices for a rebuildable box run from 75 to 125 

IFO refuse to make profit at the predictable prospect of not having steering 
boxes available for the future.

I believe Larry Shapiro also offers 25 bucks for steeering boxes, I sold him 
3 a few years back. Then again, I know they won't be going in a 34 T-Bucket 
if Larry gets them.

Perhaps with so many requests for information, Scott will deign to enlighten 
his prospective customers. Then again, he might tell us it's none of our 
business what he does with them, and he would be well within his rights to 
do so.

As for me, (and nothing personal against Scott)I have  6 steering boxes, and 
I won't be selling any of them to anyone who's looking to buy in bulk, as I 
would be reasonably certain they would be going to a NON Corvair vehicle.

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> Twice this summer while at a car show I have been approached by 
> individuals asking me if I had any "extra" steering boxes available out of 
> any parts corvairs, also received a phone call from someone as well 
> requesting one. Now over the past several years I have also been receiving 
> phone calls asking about Corvair telescopic steering columns that can be 
> used in Corvettes, while the Corvair owner will pay $400 for a telescopic 
> column, A vette owner will pay $800+.......

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