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Okay,  let's kill the hype and get these boxes sorted out for the  

One final note - The quick ratio boxes were offered from mid-1965 through  
the end of production. I have only seen two styles, the late 65-all 66 style and 
 the 67-69 style. The Flaming River boxes are available in quick or  standard 
ratio, and are a functional duplicate of the 60-63. It seems to me  that 
anyone contemplating replacing a 60-63 box should look at the quicker ratio  FR 
box. For any other application, a little bit of modification can make the  parts 
fit. For the 67-69, a small grinding of the shaft splines is needed to  
duplicate the Corvair input. As far as the mid-year 65 change, there could have  
been some manufacturing or test issue keeping the design out of early  
production. At our SFBA Corvair Club meeting last week, Dave Newell showed a  film from 
Saginaw Steering Division on the development of the Collapsible column  for 
the 67-newer GM cars. They did a bunch of testing before releasing that for  
production. If you ever contemplated racing a Corvair with the "long" column, do 
 not watch this film! - Seth Emerson

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