<VV> Re:Replacing wheel studs - LM

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Oct 10 23:17:48 EDT 2005

| My compressor is puny so I couldn't use the impact,  but since it was VERY 
|difficult to keep the axle from rotating against  breaker bar force, it was 
|VERY physical.  (can't set the emergency brake  with the drum off)  I need 
|another answer to this puzzle but now I know it  can be done w/o pulling the 
|spindle/lug flange.  Any brilliant ideas out  there?

If you remove one stud at a time that leaves three (or four for you late people ) to wedge a prybar or other lever between to keep the axle flange from rotating. The longer the lever the better.

Frank DuVal

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