<VV> Re: No Corvair - Saturn Sky

Garth Stapon stapon1 at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 10 23:54:27 EDT 2005


I called my local Saturn dealer located in Danbury, CT for kicks today. I asked him to e mail me information on the Sky. I also asked if he was taking orders.  He said yes. I said "you can guarantee me that you will not charge me more than list price for the car".

He indicated that he could understand why I would ask that question as he was aware of some Pontiac dealers securing a $ 10 K premium for their Solstice allotment. (Above list price)

Since the Pontiac lists for $ 20 K, that is in Honda S 2000 territory (one of my favorite modern drop tops). I asked what the suggested list price was and he indicated it was between $ 23 and $ 26 K depending on options.  He had no information on the Turbo. I asked if he planned to charge more than list and he said that THIS IS AGAINST SATURN POLICY.

He is getting six cars and four are already spoken for. If I was to give him a deposit of $ 1 K today the car would be delivered between Feb and April of 2006.

If I did not like it when it came in, the deposit would be fully refunded.

For those sun lovers out there, it seems like a reasonable proposition to me providing that I were in the market for a car like this (I am not but thought I would kick a tire or two).

If you want a copy of what is sent to me, please e mail me off line and I will forward it. I am hoping for something juicy in addition to what is posted on the web.

In the mean time, if you want one of these puppies, get down to your local dealer pronto. I bet there is even some money to be made if you flip it. (Not a practice that I condone but it is free enterprise!)

Regards, Garth

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