<VV> Response to the issue from "Rocker arms et al. (apologies for being long-winded)"

rbdorran at comcast.net rbdorran at comcast.net
Thu Oct 13 18:58:43 EDT 2005

So far, I've pretty much stayed out of the infighting here. I've just asked questions
and recieved the usual gambit of answers. Most very informative, but some
derogatory in nature. In any group of diversified individuals (like VV) I expect this
and just let those roll off my back. Of course, sometimes I received workable
answers and sometimes I did not. But, they all helped me think of how I could solve the problem.

But anyway, this is my 2 cents on what the purpose of this forum is. Most of us that can, do join the local clubs, buy the books and attend the events. But, there
are those who are physically further removed from the general Corvair population. Access is much more limited.
With that said, if VV is suppose to work toward the desired goal of increasing the membership and interest in our facinating little cars, it needs to be just what it is, a "discussion group".  Personal attacks just drag down my enjoyment of perusing what people are talking about. I am lucky enough to be in a metro area where individuals in the club have been more than happy to "mentor" me. Which is the main point I would like to make.

The best way for us to increase our membership and bring in new membership, which includes the younger crowd is to mentor. I intend to do my share as my skills improve. Mentoring does not mean "do it for them" it means to give as much direction as needed to help the individual eventually "fly on their own". 

The reason mentoring is so imperative to the continuance of our club is not because people are lazy, but because they (I) need the ability to "leverage our time" in a world that does move faster with ever increasing demands on our time. Granted, I could research an answer to a particular problem, eventually find the answer, and solve it. But, if someone is willing to mentor, or instructively answer my question, I will learn the same amount in a much shorter time frame and be out showing off my car and new found knowledge to interested friends and acquaintances (and maybe/hopefully future members). And the chances of acheiveing a frustration level which causes the "cut and run" disease are greatly diminished. Not only do I now have new knowledge at my fingertips, but when I do run across reading material related to the original problem, I now have first hand experience to evaluate the "technical" answer and apply it productively to any future utilization of my new found skill. Whether it is using it myself or in the process of mentoring someone else. 

Yes, I will still read and study material as time allows me to. And, it will be fun because it will be my choice to stop and do this. It won't be because I've got a crisis on my hands and get burned out because I'm busy reading all of the wrong stuff do to my infancy in learning the Corvair ways and lingo. And finally finding the answer, use it, find it is the wrong application, and start the process over 
again. Granted, our beloved little car is unique in its design and definitly has its own set of problems and solutions, but it isn't rocket science and we eventually will understand. I don't think anyone here wants this to be an exclusive club where everything has a price. If I wanted this I would buy an overpriced "wow value" car and join their club. Instead I'd rather still get the "wow value" but gain a new freind who likes me for who I am and not just pump me to know whether my mechanic is better than theirs.

So PLEASE show us newbies some patience when answering questions. Thus teaching us to do the same when we help others in the future. And understand that not everyone has access to the same support groups some of us enjoy.

**If it helps just imagine that the one needing help is that cute little thing on the side of the road who has broken down. The one you will stop for, and help, even though you drive right past all the others who aren't as gorgeous and attractive. You do realize I'm talking about the car, right? 

Thanks for indulging me while I stated my piece,

65 110 Monza 

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