<VV> RE: 140 jets

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 15 15:42:52 EDT 2005

I have had good luck with a 51/49 selection. You can go up to 52 or 53 in
primaries if you have a lot of discretionary income for gas. It is also
important to make sure your secondaries are adjusted to come in together
around 75% WOT and are full open together. It is a simple adjustment of
holding them full open and adjusting the linkage at that point.
The Carbmeister

<I have a 1966 140 4-speed convert , no smog heads, no A/C. My info 
suggests main jet size is 0.050 and secondary carb jet size is 0.046. I am
completely satisfied with the performance ( not smooth at acceleration 2000
RPM to 
3000 RPM and some hesitation/lurching as secondaries kick in. I want to 
know if anyone else is using jet sizes different from factory recommended
to get smooth acceleration and secondary transition.

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