<VV> Early tires

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Wed Oct 19 11:40:14 EDT 2005

Depends on what you want. Am told that the 185x80x13 at 24" diameter is 
about the same as a 7.00 (x80 - think that is what "low profile" meant") 13 
and tirerack.com has these in Kumho Touring A/S 795 ($33).  OTOH for a 23" 
tire (closer to the 6.50) there are quite a few 185x70x13s.

Suspect I will put 185x60x15s on the front and 215x65x15s on the rear of my 
late model (verified that it does have a 3.55 so want to drop the revs a 
bit). Right now it has 185x80x13s from BFG but looking on their website all 
I see that is close is a 175x70x13 (22.7" tall)


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