<VV> Vega (No Corvair)

Bill Hubbell whubbell at cox.net
Wed Oct 19 13:41:08 EDT 2005

I, too, married into a Vega - my wife owned a hatchback when we married.  It 
was a dog in the snow (we lived in Michigan back then) - had to put heavy 
weights in the back to get any traction.  I traded it to my Mom for the 
balance of payments owed on my Datsun F-10.  The F-10 was Datsun's (now 
Nissan) first foray into front wheel drive and had a number of liabilities 
(like a shifter that was a piece of junk), but it did go through snow well, 
and it was the car I owned when my wife and I met and married, so it was 
rather special to us.  I never did wash off the lipstick hearts that 
somebody drew on the backup lights on our wedding day.  We ran that poor car 
into the ground - about 160,000 miles - replaced the engine cradle once 
after it rusted out.   I finally "traded" it in when I bought a new VW 
Rabbit in 1982 - I made the poor dealer give me $100 for it - it wasn't much 
more than rust on wheels by then!!

Incidentally, that Vega was the only car I have ever owned (however briefly) 
that did not have the engine over the drive wheels -- well, excluding my 
Dodge 2500 V-10 pickup truck, of course.

Bill Hubbell

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>  I married into a 73 Vega wagon. It was pretty, but my wife put 400.00 
> into the engine just before we got married. The morning after our wedding 
> we had to call AAA. If the mercury dipped down to zero as it does 
> frequently in MN during winter and we wanted to drive it, we would have it 
> towed to the local service station to thaw out overnite. Traded it 2 years 
> later for a 66 Chev pu 6 cyl 4- speed. Now that was a great truck. When we 
> traded, the Vega had rust the whole length of the top front fenders both 
> sides. Yikes!Don Schaefer
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