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Fri Oct 21 15:16:11 EDT 2005

Bill Strickland (as I recall) was looking for dimensions relating to "ride 
height" along with tire discussions that have resurfaced again.

I remembered that somewhere I had the information sent out from Chevrolet 
from their "Hobby Shop" that they provide to anyone who supplies them with a VIN 
from a collectible Chevrolet.  I went looking through my personal "archival" 
system and found the document on the 1965 Corvair, revised in December, 1964.  

I don't find the exact dimension that Bill was asking for, but I can offer 
the following ones that may be of interest to some of you:  

Hood at rear to ground(trunk)  35.2" ;
Rocker panel to ground-front 6.8", rear 6.4" ; 
Front bumper to ground 16.4" ;  
Rear bumper to ground 16.6" ;  
Overall height (curb -includes gasoline weight 86 #) 4dr 52.7", coupe 52.8", 
Convertible 53.0"

The specs list both headlamp and taillamp height but do not show whether it 
is to center, but one would normally use centerline as the dimension at GM.
Headlamp to ground 23.0",  taillamp to ground 23.5".

I would think if someone wanted to get their "ride height" like the General 
had designed it, in spite of the available tire/wheel combinations, then the 
above dimensions could contribute toward that goal.  The specs provided include 
paint combinations available, Front & Rear spring data, tire data (including 
the loaded rolling radius of 11.6) etc etc.... Much of this information is 
available somewhere else, but they sent it out at no charge, all collected 
together, along with information about the licensed restoration component suppliers.  
 I simply called the Chevrolet "800" number and asked for the hobby shop, and 
gave them my VIN, and they sent out the package.  That was awhile back, so 
can't tell you if they have cut that service out, but several of us do have the 

Jerry McKenzie 
Prairie Capital Corvair Assoc.
Springfield, IL

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