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JVHRoberts at aol.com JVHRoberts at aol.com
Mon Oct 24 18:07:28 EDT 2005

There are hydronic heat pumps out there, both ground and air sourced, that  
can deliver hot water to a slab loop. 
Geothermal is neat, but it's losing ground to the newer air sourced heat  
pumps. Given the SUBSTANTIAL difference in installed cost, in many places, a  
geothermal unit will NEVER pay itself off in anything resembling a reasonable  
period of time. 
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lechevrier at earthlink.net writes:

3)   radiant concrete slab heating -- has anyone ever used a  ground 
source heat pump (working backwards) to directly heat a slab (and  cool 
the out of doors)? I used to live where they had natural hot water  
heating (geothermal) available, and saw many copper pipe hot water  
heated concrete driveways (to melt the snow & ice) torn up for system  
repair -- I understand that there is now a plastic tubing made for this  
service that is far less troublesome.


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