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NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Mon Oct 31 12:48:15 EST 2005

We had one of these PVC or not discussions a couple of years ago.  I want to 
thank those who posted their design thoughts; I incorporated them into my air 
system and I'm very happy with the results. 

Here are the hints, most of which came from VV:
1) All the pipes run uphill as you get farther from the compressor
2) The outlet couplers are 6" above the end of vertical pipes with drain 
valves at the bottoms
3) There's a 15' vertical "condensing" section out of the compressor (copper, 
as is the whole system)
4) I have a grease-gun nylon hose off the bottom of the compressor with a 90^ 
ball-valve for super-easy draining.
5) There's a valve after the compressor that shuts off the whole air system 
(tank stays full even if there's an itty bitty leak somewhere)
6) Two-stage compressor regulated down to 120psi so there's always 120 psi

Thanks to everyone on VV that contributed to this list; it works very well.

To give you an idea how well the moisture stays out of the air lines - I 
painted my motorhome last spring.  This involved continuous spraying for 90 
minutes at a stretch (3 coats at 30 minutes per walk-around)  I shot 5 gallons of 
color where the typical car takes 3-4 quarts.  In all of this I never had one 
dribble of water!  In contrast, my old system, an air-hose from a 12 gallon tank 
compressor, required a change of water filters several times during the 
painting of one car with several "spoiled areas" that I had to reshoot.

Thanks Guys and Gals!

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